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1224 Media has traveled extensively in the United States and abroad, including twenty foreign countries. I have witnessed the beauty the earth has to offer - not only in person, but also as a subject for art. These journeys have taken me everywhere from the natural splendor of the U.S. National Parks to the serene and powerful Pacific Ocean, and though the differences between such monuments as Old Faithful and the beaches of Guam are vast, I find similarity in their graspable beauty. Photographic landscapes illustrate the uniqueness of the earth we occupy and demonstrate the luck we have to stop time and nature in their tracks with a camera. Perhaps you have traveled to these places as well, or perhaps you dream of a place you have yet to experience. Whatever your thoughts, my work can take you there. Or take you back.

Combat Aviation

According to Lloyd's of London, the flight deck of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is the world's most dangerous place to work. With special access to this world, 1224 Media shows you the inner-workings of U.S. Naval Aviation. From the deck during training to the skies during combat missions, I bring you into the cockpit. You'll feel close enough to smell the fuel and hear the cacophony as aircraft of all types take off and land again in this most incredible example of choreography, teamwork, and professionalism. Looking for inspirational photography for your office? You'll find no better example of American ingenuity, technology, and performance than this.

Military yourself? Is it time to replace those aging photos on your squadron walls, or get photos of your newly painted CAG bird? Take advantage of our military discount for USN, USAF, USA, and USMC aviation squadrons to give your squadron spaces a new look. I am SJU and NACES ejection seat qualified and have U.S.Navy required swim survival and physiology training for flights in all U.S. Navy Aircraft.

Weddings & Family

Since the advent of the cheap digital camera almost a decade ago, decent photographs are becoming easier to obtain. As simple as modern technology has made memory keeping, it still takes a professional to best commemorate your special day or family event. Don't risk missing once-in-a-lifetime shots during a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding, graduation, military homecoming, or family photo shoot. At 1224 Media, I want you to have the best chance at the truest remembrance of your special event. I'll do the heavy lifting while you enjoy your experience, and I'll give you the ability to relive those moments over again for years to come.